HENLEY INVESTIGATIONS INC.  is based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta and provides professional private investigative services in the Alberta and BC Peace country to Corporate clients and government, specializing in:

Criminal:  Major investigations including locating and interviewing witnesses.

Civil:  Corporate Due Diligence, pre-employment screening background investigations on individuals, and interviewing witnesses.

Insurance:  Background investigations, Court and public record searches, locate and interview witnesses.

Security Consulting/Loss Prevention/Investigations to oilfield industry:  Provide advice on securing physical properties, both interior and exterior including putting internal controls in place to protect assets of company.  Support to industry to prevent loss of assets and in the investigation of accidents, including fatality.

Workplace Investigations:  Investigation of workplace dishonesty, fraud, violence, harassment, discrimination, employee substance abuse and criminal activity in the workplace.

Trust Henley Investigations Inc. to provide you professional, quality service.